Does Your Dog Walk Ahead of You?

Training Your Dog To Not Walk Ahead -- 3 Techniques


Walks are the highlights of a dog’s life. Dogs truly enjoy walking with their owner, and you will surely enjoy walking with your dog, too. However, dogs must be trained on how to walk properly and not pull too much on the leash, but to keep in pace with their owner instead. Here are three training tips on how to get your dog to walk properly.

Keep In Front

When you go out the door, go out first. When you come in, come in first. Always try to stay ahead. Dogs like to follow a pack leader, and by staying ahead, you can become that leader, which will allow you to walk even several dogs at once.

Train Your Dog With Treats

When your dog pulls ahead of you on a walk, it just means that they want to proceed further. However, they must learn that the way to proceed is not by pulling the leash, but by keeping in pace with the owner. When your dog goes ahead, stop and take a few steps backward. When your dog stops pulling and starts walking together with you, award them with a small treat. Do this over and over until your dog understands that the way to proceed further is only by walking together with you.

Train Your Dog In The Yard

If you are not ready to train your dog while walking on the street, train them in the yard. Walk around the yard, and, if your dog is good and walks beside you, reward them with a treat. This can be either something for the dog to munch on or allowing them to go sniff the flowers -- for example, after a few minutes of being good, you can tell your dog, “Go sniff.”