How to Avoid a Dog Bite



What are the causes of dog biting ? Learn the signs of a dog ready to bite and how to avoid a bite. Know reasons dogs bite and how to avoid high-risk situations for a dog bite.

Avoiding the Biting Situation

Never approach unfamiliar dogs. Call your local animal control or police to handle the situation.

Do not disturb eating, sleeping or nursing dogs.

Adult supervision at all times for children around dogs.

Running, jumping and screaming excites dogs.

Avoid direct eye contact, turn to the side and stand still when approached by a dog.

Let a dog come to you to sniff before touching.

Do not pet a dog from above or over the head.

Where the bite is most likely to happen

According to the CDC, children and men are more likely to be bitten by a dog. Familiarity and the home environment involve half of all bites. Education on how to approach a dog properly reduces your chance of a dog bite.

Pet Owner Responsibilities



Since your home is where trouble is most likely to brew it is your responsibility, as a pet owner, that safety, rules, training and reduced consequences are a priority.

Never leave children alone with your dog.

Keep your dog up to date on vaccinations.

Enroll in a reliable training program as soon as you welcome your new pet.

Learn about breed specific behavior of your dog.

Contain your dog in a safe secure fashion.

Exercise and play with your dog regularly

Teach your dog how to be gentle, sit, down, off and leave it!

Teach children how to handle your dog in a safe manner.

Respect your dog when they are seniors, sick or in pain.

You are in charge and your dog must follow you and your commands.

Socialize your new dog with other dogs, family members and friends.

Avoid a Dog bite and love your dog

The cause of dog bites is avoidable. As a pet owner you love your dog and want him or her happy. You want everyone you know to love and respect your dog. The key to avoiding a dog bite is foreseeing the potential problems and addressing them. Don’t try to do it alone. A good dog trainer is worth hiring to educate you on dog behavior, how to handle safety situations and to help you be a balanced owner with a balanced dog.


Dave Lambert