Is Your Pet Lonely and Bored Final

In addition to love, a dog or cat or bird owner also has to have time, space, energy, patience, money and a strong sense of commitment to being there for and with their animal. The choice of being a pet owner is really thrust upon us unexpectedly. Saying no is often the most responsible option.

If we buy fewer dogs and cats from breeders and pet stores the pet population boom might gradually taper off and the numbers of abandoned animals in shelters should start to decline as well.

It may be hard to recognize the harmful aspects of pet keeping when all we hear is how beloved pets are, how happy they are to be in our company and how beautiful and enduring the human-animal bond is. Advertisements showing golden haired children frolicking with golden haired puppies and YouTube videos of cats doing hilarious things make petkeeping look ever so precious.

Yet if we really care about animals we ought to look beyond the sentimental and carefully scrutinize our practices. Animals are not toys they are living, breathing, feeling creatures. Perhaps we can try to step into their paws or claws and see what being a pet means from their perspective.. We might not always like what we see.

That's it. We owe another level of thanks to DANIELLE MOYLAN for her intuitive Opinion Piece in the New York Times May 8, 2016 because it gives all paws (I couldn't resist) to think.

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