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April Showers

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Trouble Training Your Dog? Here are 6 Methods!

6 Methods To Maximize Training Effectiveness


Training a dog can be a rewarding experience for both the animal and the pet owner. Occasionally it can also be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Training is an essential process to elevate your pet's quality of life by keeping them safe and happy. There are various ways that contribute to the effectiveness of the training taking place.

Positive Reinforcement

Shouting and speaking harshly is usually counterproductive when it comes to training your pet. Combining a pleasant tone with other positive reinforcement tools such as edible treats, toys, and petting will be much more encouraging for your animal and will teach them that training is a pleasurable activity with...


Benefits Summary:

  • Vet bills are usually reduced after switching to a nutritious species appropriate diet.
  • Naturally clean teeth and healthy gums from the natural scrubbing, massaging and flossing action of eating raw meaty bones.
  • Clean breath and no doggy odor after changing to raw feeding.
  • Ripping and chewing of raw meaty bones develops the neck, jaw and shoulder muscles of dogs.
  • Greater bioavailability of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes in raw meat, organs and bones.
  • Stools are smaller, less smelly and quickly degrade into the soil.
  • Dogs tend to maintain a heathy weight and the chances of obesity are minimized since it takes...