Many Improvements from raw diet-

Improved Digestion

One of the great benefits of feeding whole raw food to your dog is that it requires some work on the part of the jaws and teeth to hack away at fleshy fibers and bones and this takes some time. The time it takes to gnaw away at whole meaty bones to the point where swallowable sized chunks have been torn off gives the gut time to activate its gastric juices so that when the food finally does hit the stomach it has a much better chance of being properly digested.

Conversely, feeding commercial or even ground food encourages speedy gulping because it requires no effort to consume it. It arrives so rapidly into the dog's stomach there's no time for its necessary digestive acids to be fully excreted, resulting in poorly digested meals. Such meals may end up causing irritation or indigestion, which can mean a greater chance of being vomited or coming out at the other end in a less than desirable form.

Increased Stimulation

The psychological and physiological challenge of tackling large raw meaty bones is invaluable for the dogs general satisfaction, increased vitality and quality of life. Feeding raw large pieces gives our dogs the opportunity to really get a mentally stimulating experience as it takes a lot more mental and physical work for a dog to rip and tear meat off and crunch thru bones. They have to stop and work out exactly how to tackle it. Anyone who feeds raw will know the enjoyment alone from watching their dogs eating and enjoying their meal.

Improved Skin and Coat

This can be one of the first changes you will notice when you start feeding a raw meaty bone diet. If those persistent skin problems suddenly disappear or improve and you no longer need vet visits, medicated washes, antibiotics, cortisone shots and cortisone tabs it has meant something. It is really difficult to ignore the deeply colored, lustrous, thick and healthy coat on a raw fed pet.

Stronger Immune System

We discovered that our newly rescued stray dogs at K9 Rescue struggled for health on a kibble diet yet their health quickly transformed once switched to raw food. This led us to promote raw feeding to all of our adopters. A raw diet normalizes and strengthens the immune system. The raw meat and bone diet contains a good balance of essential fatty acids and other immune normalizing and strengthening nutrients. It reduces inflammatory conditions and eliminates infections.

Leaner Body Mass

By feeding a raw meat and bone diet your pet will lose unwanted fat and gain that much desired increase in muscle mass. This not only makes your pet better, it increases your pets metabolic rate, its activity levels and its healthy life span. The effect will be more rapid if you begin a routine exercise program with your dog.

Improved Stool Volume and Odor

This reflects the improved health of the immune system and the remarkable difference that bone eating makes in the production of firm stools which are essential for normal and sac emptying. Commercial dog food usually contains a high percentage of carbohydrate based ingredients such as grains, corn and soy which are unnatural to a dog's digestion.  The waste product is unnatural, smelly and takes considerably longer to decompose.

Improved Degenerative Disease

People who switch their older dogs to a raw diet often find that whatever degenerative disease their pet has contracted becomes less of a problem now.

Improved Arthritis

After a few months you can expect to see much greater mobility in your pet. This is part of the reason so many older pets have a new lease on life when switched to a raw diet.

to be continued . . . .watch for part 3 next week . . no advocacy but informative . . .part 3 will be a summation. We welcome comments, suggestions for future blog posts and welcome guest bloggers on their pets, hopefully with pictures!

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