My Life

Hey, it's been a lovable life. I'm now 92 and still have passion for the things I love. Other than being a WWII vet I have also volunteered at a hospital in Haiti, flew meds to Cuba, helped Russians who wanted to emigrate to a better life, delivered Meals-on-Wheels for 15 years and broadcast on a special station for the blind for 10 years. So that's me.

Meanwhile I have been in ecommerce for almost 5 years, first, selling healthy dark chocolate to chocolate lovers who had chronic health problems, now to sell pet products to pet lovers and the pets they love.

I love all animals. I have been privileged to pet a lioness, have a loving interaction with a wolf and I have adopted 2 shelter dogs.If you have any problems in your search of Best-Pet-Store or can't find what you are looking for please call me email me <> with your need.  I love everyone who visits my store! Been in ecommerce for almost 5 years.

Take advantage of my offer of a free one year subscription, no purchase needed. to my favorite BARK magazine. I love the magazine.